What is the Most Luxurious Limousine Service?

Open Door limousine serviceWhen you think limousine, you think luxury. You want your limo ride to be smooth, sexy, and luxurious so that everyone inside has the time of their lives. When choosing the best limousine service for the occasion, consider all the different variables. What is the occasion? Who will be inside? Where will you be? In Florida, we love our luxury, which is why companies like Clean Ride offer so many different limousine rides. For everyday limousines, you have plenty of ordinary options but when you want to splash out, consider some of the top of the line and most expensive limousine services around, like these:

  1. 1. The C-300 Bentley.

This classic automobile has been refitted, transforming itself into the ultimate limousine. When you want to arrive at that party or event in style, you can’t do much better than this.

  1. 2. The Super Party Bus.

In Florida, we work hard and we play hard. When it’s time to play hard, play hard in a party bus. But not just any party bus. The Super Party Bus can handle almost 40 people, has a huge ice bar, and not one but two flat panel televisions and a 5000-watt stereo system. Whether for a wedding party or just to show up to that big match, the Super Party Bus is a super way to splash out.

  1. 3. Cadillac Escalade.

When you want to be classy, go Cadillac. This extra-long luxury limousine service isn’t all style and no substance. On the inside, you will have the ride of your life with four ice bins, a state of the art entertainment and audio system, and even the option for red carpet entry and exit.

  1. 4. Pink Hummer Limo.

A superior choice for a bachelorette party, the the pink Hummer limo isn’t for everyone. And that’s what makes it so special. When you roll up in this machine, you are making a huge statement.

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