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Party buses, also known as party ride, limo bus, limousine bus, party van, luxury van, or luxury bus is just what the various names describe- a large vehicle configured in a way that permits entertainment. Chances are that, at some point in time, you have been on a rental bus. If it was designed like most buses, the goal of the interior was to provide maximum seating opportunities for the space. Those buses or vans may be known as shuttle buses or charter buses and are designed to move large groups of people from one point to another point. A party bus, on the other hand, is more than a means of transportation- it is an experience. Combine traditional transportation options from a regular bus with some of the amenities you might expect to find in a luxury recreational vehicle and you get something like one of our limo buses. Coming in various sizes to accommodate different crowds or recreational needs, these party buses convey you from point to point in style, so the party never has to end.

Why are party buses wonderful?

  • Keep your whole group together; with a party bus, you no longer have to worry about coordinating multiple vehicles.
  • Eliminate the need for the designated driver; driven by professional CDL drivers, party buses rental transport you in style and safety, without asking any of your guests to forego the festivities.
  • Travel in style; party buses are a great option for groups traveling to away games or destinations; the vacation begins as soon as you board the bus.
  • Use multi-media; party buses come equipped with televisions, stereo systems, and other technology that lets you set the atmosphere on the bus.
  • No pause for potty breaks; larger party buses have clean on-board bathrooms, allowing you to travel in comfort with a minimal number of stops in between your destinations.

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