SUV Limo Rental Florida

If you are looking at limousine rental and limousine fleets, then you may have noticed the growing number of SUV limos available. Dismissed by some as trendy, the SUV limo has quietly earned its place among luxury for-hire transportation for a number of reasons. SUV limos are often larger than their car-limo counterparts, therefore able to accommodate larger groups in a more luxurious manner than smaller cars. Many of the SUV limos in our fleet have jet doors, which open up and to the middle of the SUV, providing plenty of room for entry and exit, which can be really important for special events like weddings, proms, and other red-carpet events where smaller openings may pose problems for large skirts. The greater interior room and height of SUV limos makes them more comfortable for many passengers who are not comfortable in the confines of traditional automobiles.

In fact, the SUV limo combines many of the pluses of the traditional car limousine and the party bus. Luxurious space and comfort, along with capacity for a large number of passengers are hallmarks of the SUV limo. They differ from a party bus in a few key ways. Party buses are designed to facilitate movement and continue the party on the bus; while SUV limos are very roomy, they are designed primarily for luxurious point-to-point transportation.

At Clean Ride Limo, we think we offer the most awesome SUV Limo fleet in all of Central and South Florida. Peruse our selections and you will find that whether your tastes lean to the classic like our Cadillac Escalade Limo, the fun like either of our Hummer Limos, or the exotic, like our Range Rover Limo that features an ostrich and gator skin interior, Clean Ride Limo has the SUV Limo for you!

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