Top Reasons to Rent a Limousine in Florida

Whether you live in the Fort Myers area or happen to be traveling through town, you’ll want to book a limousine for your adventures. Of course, there are countless reasons to rent one of these luxury VIP vehicles, but one thing is guaranteed – you’ll have the time of your life!

Among others, consider the following top reasons to rent an affordable limo:

Senior Prom

One of the most exciting nights of a young person’s life, Prom is the perfect opportunity to bask in opulence. From our trendy Stretch Challenger to the crowd-pleasing Pink Hummer, there’s simply no going wrong with a limousine rental in Florida.

As fun as it is to watch them grow up, Prom can be an incredibly stressful time for parents. At Clean Ride, our commitment to safety means that your children will be in good hands. From the moment we pick them up to the moment we drop them back home, parents can rest easy knowing that their child is safe.

Wedding Ceremonies & Receptions

Bride, groom, or wedding party professional, Clean Ride has you covered! With years of expertise in the travel industry, our limousine services are uniquely designed to put that final touch of elegance on your Big Day. From making an entrance to driving off into the sunset in style, your Florida wedding will live forever with the nostalgic beauty of a VIP luxury limousine.

Anniversary Dinners

5th or 50th, there’s nothing quite like an anniversary to celebrate your love. Rather than settle for the same old boring dinner date, why not take your big night to new heights with the impressive display of a luxury limousine? From Range Rovers to Pink Bentleys, the extensive range of VIP transport at Clean Ride Limo is sure to impress even the pickiest of lovers. Oh, and did we mention – you can drink on board!

Surprise Birthday Parties

If you’re looking for that final touch on your friend’s surprise party, you’ve come to the right place! At Clean Ride Limo, our impressive range of luxury limousines is optimally designed to take your special night from blah to beautiful! Consider having a Challenger limo pick him up at the door, or our famous Pink Bentley roll up to bring her to dinner. (Who knows, maybe your bestie will even return the favor next year!)

Sight-Seeing Around Town

With his thirst for adventure, the hearty traveler will still want to ensure that he truly sees the town in style! From rolling the streets beneath the heat of the sun to carousing around town as the night picks up speed, a luxury limousine is the ultimate way to feel like a true VIP. Conveniently headquartered to shuttle you around the beautiful Cape Coral coast, our professional chauffeurs are expertly trained to provide only gold class service from start to finish!

Airport Travel

Of course, you don’t have to be a local to enjoy the excitement of a limousine! At Clean Ride Limo, we want EVERYone to feel welcome, which is why we proudly offer VIP limo transport to and from all nearby airports. Any time day or night, our professional drivers will brace the hassle and headache of traffic, letting you relax calmly in peace.

Young or old, there’s nothing quite so worldly as a limousine! A cost-effective way to add that final touch of elegance to your evening, luxury travel has never looked so nice.

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