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Special Occasion Limo ServiceSpecial Occasion Limo Service

There are a few popular poems and stories that talk about dressing a deceased person in his or her “best” clothes, which were never worn during their lifetimes, because they were being saved for something special. These stories usually end with an admonishment that life is special, so we should not save our best or favorite things for only special occasions. At Clean Ride Limo, we absolutely believe in that philosophy. Life, itself, is a pretty amazing adventure, and we feel like when you open yourself up to treating the every-day like a special occasion, you end up having fewer and fewer days that are just like every-day. That is why we are happy to offer luxury Special Occasion Limo Service, not just for the red-letter days like weddings and proms, but for the every-day special occasion.

Want some examples of these everyday special occasions? The most frequent special-occasion request we get is probably for a grand night out. Nothing adds to the romance and drama of a big date like a limousine ride. Without having to worry about transportation, you get to focus on your partner, and just relax and enjoy each other’s company. However, you can have a special night even without romance. Girl’s night out or a guy’s night; hiring a limo means you do not have to worry about a designated driver, parking, or other typical night-out concerns. We find that even folks that do not have a special destination in mind like the idea of simply hiring a limo for the night; traveling in style and seeing Central or South Florida from a different, carefree perspective. You can hire a limo for as short as an hour, giving yourself a little dash of luxury in your normal life.

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