Mercedes Sprinter Florida Limousine
  • 18-20 Passenger Sprinter
  • 18-20 Passenger Sprinter
  • 18-20 Passenger Sprinter

Mercedes Sprinter Passenger Bus


We have taken what Mercedes does best and added to it innovative ideas to make this the best Sprinter Limo in the country. We have created the ultimate 14-16 Passenger Mercedes Sprinter Limo Bus. The extra room is for extra fun.

You will ride in complete comfort and style in this roomy limo. It comes complete with an amazing DVD stereo with the ability to use multiple sources such as CD, DVD and Bluetooth. And you can even connect your smart phone to our Smart TV and play videos, share pictures and play your own tunes.
This Limo Bus has an amazing Air Conditioning system that is exclusive to Clean Ride Limo. It doesn’t leave one section cold and the other hot like those made by other Sprinter Limo manufacturers.

Our ice bins are triple insulated and much much larger than the competitions, which makes it great for cross state road trips and long outings.
You will love how roomy this is and how super easy it is to get in and out of without feeling like you’re going to fall out.

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