Factors To Consider When Choosing Prom Limo Service

Prom night is a magical time. It can also be a harrowing time for parents worried that their kids will get into trouble on prom night. One of the best things about prom limo service in Florida is that you can trust your kids will be safe on the road. Your kids will love you for picking the best prom limo service, and you will have peace of mind.


Limo service for prom night has become a must-do in Florida, almost as important as the dress and dancing. However, you need to pick the right prom limo service in Florida. Clean Ride is a perennial favorite in Florida for several reasons. One is safety. Obviously the most important factor when choosing a prom night limo service, safety is number one. Clean Ride drivers are thoroughly vetted for their safety and driving record.

Fleet size

Second, Clean Ride has the best fleet in Florida. Fleet size matters. From party busses to Escalades, Clean Ride has a vehicle that can impress even the most jaded teenagers. There are even special vehicles for prom night, like the pink stretch Hummer.

Customer service

Third, Clean Ride offers the best customer service you can imagine. Whatever special perks you or your kids want in the vehicle, or whatever concerns you might have about the limo rental, Clean Ride is there for you. The right limo service will help your kids have prom memories that last forever.

Prom limo services are more than just a form of transportation. Limos on prom night are part of the fun and entertainment. Your kids will expect their limo to be an extension of the prom party itself: replete with music, lighting, and a safe space to have fun. However, a limo is a vehicle that can take your kids to and from different parties so that they can enjoy this special time with their friends.

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